Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

I can't believe this year has already gone by! Way too fast. We have been so blessed this year, with health, family and friends.  My art has been fun this year. I got in a North Light book, and just found out that I got in another one coming out in September 2016!  I had my first open house in November. It was such fun.  I am making it a goal to get back to sketching in 2016.  Something happened and I have slacked off!  This first sketch makes me think how fast we  made it into another year!
My prayer is that it will go as smoothly as 2015! These were just fun sketches to do. Western art is still my favorite!  Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

On my Table

I have been so behind on everything! painting, sketching etc.  THis was a fun one I did while I had a student.  I just sketched what was on my table.  I just ordered some new pens. LOVE fountain pens.
I use a lamy most of the time with permanet Noodlers Lexington Gray. I really like that ink.