Sunday, October 16, 2016

InkTober 2016

I have been trying to keep up with InkTober 2016. We are to sketch or draw with ink everyday of October. I have missed a day or two. I have also done more than one on some days.  It was hard to get back to sketching after being off for a month or longer.
Here they are day 1- day 15.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Workshop Supply List

I haven't posted anything in a while.  Ken fell and broke 4 ribs and so I haven't been sketching!
hopefully i am back in the groove and have a few new ones i will post.
for now I am posting workshop supply list.

This is a list for the upcoming workshop Nov 4-5.  The time is 10-4.  Sketching and drawing can be so satisfying.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  It does take a while to learn because it all boils down to practice.  I try to sketch or draw everyday. The difference being…a sketch is usually fast and not real accurate and a drawing can be like a sketch all the way to a finished piece of art.  I do both. Between now and then get online and Google for sketch you tubes and watch some. You will be amazed,
Personally most of my drawings are done with ink, but I wont have you to do that unless you choose to. I think it is the best way to learn. To forget the pencil and go for the ink. BUT..i have pencil on the list. If you want to bring ink feel free.  I don’t particularly like ball point.  I use fountain pens.
Also if you have a small bag you can put your book/pencil/watercolor,eraser in.  on Friday we will go to a couple places and draw outside.  You wont need anything else.

You can pick up small inexpensive travel watercolor sets online or Hobby Lobby. Use your 40% coupon.

1.   Good Sketchbook…heavy paper that will hold water…make sure it says watercolor or mixed media.
2.   Pencil (or pen)
3.   Eraser
4.   Small watercolor set with brush (from walmart…hobby etc.)
5.   OR…colored pencils (I don’t use much)
6.   Some pics that you have you would like to sketch
7.   Small water container
8.   Hat or cap (it will be hot)
9.Drinking water for Friday
10. lawn chair or stool for outside

I hope this is everything. It doesn’t’ take much even though I have a LOT of stuff in my bag but just to start out this will work for you.

Also bring something from home…something small that we can all sketch.

Please email me if you have any questions.
And go to
and check out my sketches and other art.

I am excited about showing you some fun things I have learned.  We will spend Thursday inside working with the books, shapes, and ideas. Tools and supplies.  Then on Friday I want to go to a couple places for us to draw.