Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sketchbook Workshop

I just had a sketchbook workshop and I had a blast! i LOVE being around people who want to learn, and are excited about lines, color and shadows, and paint, and sketching....and on and on.
The 12 there were ALL the above. They were all so awesome and did a great job. We had some laughs.  We had a hick up though. My 2 year old Air conditioner quit! we were in a 90 degree room with 12 laughing talking women! WHAT A HOOT! I LOVED it.
The first day we worked inside. On the 2nd day we went out to Rock'n B and B and sketched the lavender and the old house. Then we went to the court house lawn and sat under the shade trees and sketched there.  I hope to have another one in about 5-6 months. I need to look at the calendar and get it set up.  It will be limited to no more than 12.  I hope you can join us sometime in the future!

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